Ants Control

Ineco Srl is one of the most reliable and specialized Companies for ants control in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto and throughout North and Central Italy

Ants can form colonies that are able not only to infest your garden but also to expand within your home, office or hotel.

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How can you get rid of ants?

Here’s Ineco solution

Ineco Srl uses innovative and ecofriendly techniques. Our experts offer a no-invasive operation which is safe, effective and cheap.

The operation for ants is done both indoor and outdoor. It is performed by analyzing the behavior of insects, considering their species, feeding and proliferation.

Innovative techniques and high environmental and ecological compatibility

Siamo specializzati in disinfestazione di formiche in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto e in tutto il Nord Italia e centro italia.

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The Ineco technique: ecological and effective

The first step is to identify the colony and eliminate the ant queen. The proper understanding of the hierarchical structure of the colonies allows us to intervene more effectively in the infested areas. The colony is in fact made up by worker ants that deal with the search for food, by male ants that die shortly after mating and queen ants.

It is useless to use of common pesticides because they simply eliminate the worker ants out of the colony without hitting the queens and males which continue to proliferate.

Our pest control system is aimed at inducing the worker ants to carry substances which are mortal for them but not toxic to humans. This ensures the extermination of the queen as well as the males and workers.

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