Ineco Srl is one of the best companies in Northern Italy specialized in Pest Control services for Bed Bugs. This hematophagous insect feeds primarily on human blood, infesting above all our bedrooms and acting while we rest and sleep.

We offer the highest competence and experience in the field, ensuring a thorough and meticulous service to solve your problem with bed bugs.

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How to thoroughly eradicate bed bugs?

The choice of Liquid Nitrogen

The only effective and guaranteed way for bed bugs eradication is the Cryogenic method with Liquid Nitrogen. It is much more effective than Carbon Dioxide and Dry Steam.

Liquid Nitrogen is used up to a temperature of – 120 ° C. It gets rid of both adult and newborn bed bugs, leaving no trace of pest and eggs. All without using harmful pesticides that still would not be able to get rid of the eggs.

Ineco Srl is at the forefront in the usage of Liquid Nitrogen

We work with this innovative method of bed bugs eradication in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto regions and throughout Northern and Central Italy.

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Bed Bugs eradication: the solution with Ineco

This method allows us to obtain a number of advantages compared to traditional pesticides. Our ecological solution is unique by its:


Liquid Nitrogen is able to eliminate both the bugs and the laid eggs, unlike the chemical products that fail to destroy the eggs.


Liquid nitrogen is 100% environmentally friendly and so we can guarantee an elimination of bed bugs that is safe and healthy.


You do not have to leave your house during the operation.


With Ineco Srl and its eco-friendly method with Liquid Nitrogen you will not need to throw or change your furniture. Once treated your house will be immediately habitable, odorless and completely sanitized in a no-toxic way.

How to disinfect bed bugs

Watch the Video and see how Ineco carries out the disinfestation of bed bugs.

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How to check for bed bugs

Carefully inspect all points suitable to host a hotbed of infestation looking for adults and eggs. As soon as you notice the presence of these parasites immediately contact Ineco Srl, which is your point of reference for bed bugs eradication.

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To learn more about Bed Bugs

Size: 6-8 mm (full adult)

Colour: reddish







(planes, trains, buses, ships)

Bed bugs are insects belonging to the order of the Heteroptera (Heteroptera) and the family of “cimidae.” They have the typical shape like “a heart in the chest” (oval and flattened when fasting) and two pairs of wings (elytra) virtually absent (strongly reduced to small oval scales or absent altogether).

The head is short. The rostrum (tipical of Hemiptera) is turned into a rather short sting extended to the head. The color is translucent brown when fasting, dark red when it is full of blood.

The female can measure 6-8 mm in length (the male is smaller). It is not a solitary insect but tends to live in mixed communities of males, females and immature stages, never too far away from their guests.

The females after a blood meal (it takes roughly 3 to 5 minutes but can even last for 10 minutes and suck the blood equal to 7 times its own weight) retreat to their hiding places, digest the meal and lay eggs. In 2-3 months they lay 200-300 eggs, protected by a very resistant shell.

Bedbug bite is not actually felt. Rather it is the following skin reaction to be felt, consisting of very itchy papules which can occur even after 9 days after being bitten.

They feed and move at night. They are guided by their sense of smell and the temperature of the body of the sleeper (temperatures around 35 ° C). Since they do not like the smell of all people, some are preferred over others. They climb on the bed and run quickly (they are “fast runners”) where the skin is thinner and better supplied with blood as the wrists, neck, ankles, not forgetting the shoulders and face.

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