Birds Control

Pigeons and other birds are often seen as a trouble. These animals can carry dangerous pests and are especially known to get buildings dirty.

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Ineco srl is your reference partner

Ineco Srl is your partner in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto and throughout northern and central Italy for birds in general and pigeons control. We operate on public and private facilities, with the target to avoid these animals to stay close any type of building and monuments

Action is needed because the constant presence of birds near houses, apartment and buildings, causes serious damage to the facility. Furthermore, birds are a vehicle of infection and many other diseases.

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Birds and Pigeons Control: the methods offered by Ineco

Ineco Srl is one of the landmarks in the North and Central Italy for birds control.

To get the best result our experts use different techniques, all totally ecological and respectful of the animals.

Bird Netting

They are used to protect inner courtyards, roofs, attics and perpendicular surfaces with a modest visual impact. They are made of polypropylene and steel mesh network, available in different colors and anchored to the buildings by means of appropriate fixing. They thoroughly protect the facility where installed.

Spike Systems

A durable and reliable solution for the permanent bird control. They offer a secure and long-lasting protection. Ideal for the protection of gutters, parapets and cornices. They consist of a flexible band on which are fixed a number of pins in stainless steel.

Bird wire

This solution inhibits birds landing, moving them away permanently from the area where it is installed. It consists of an extremely flexible stainless steel wire acting as invalidation of the stability of the surface on which it is placed and ensures the removal of birds and pigeons

Chemical deterrents

This no-toxic paste solution decreases the stability of support for the legs of birds, moving them away permanently from the areas in which it is used.

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Ineco Srl, leader in birds and pigeons control in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto and throughout North and Central Italy, always recommends an integrated system among different solutions, thus ensuring a more effective result. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

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