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Ineco Srl is a specialized Company for flies control in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto and throughout North and Central Italy.

This insect belonging to Diptera species is often annoying. In addition it is a potential vehicle of numerous infections and diseases.

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Fly is the common name used to describe a generic insect of the Diptera order that presents certain morphological characteristics and ethological order.

By saying “fly” we usually refer to the “house fly” (Musca domestica) which is a cosmopolitan and ubiquitous diptera, common in all open and close areas. The common tendency is to associate the term “fly” to any dipteran that may remind us the housefly in behavior and especially in appearance.

In everyday language, the use of the appropriate term is related to the ability to perceive the morphological and ethological differences that exist between the house fly and any other Diptera. The experts themselves, at least in informal language, indicate the name of fly not only the species Musca domestica, but also the species of the genus Musca and, by extension, those of the family Muscidae. Frequent use of this extension among specialists, implies the need to add the adjective “domestic” when it usually refers the Housefly.

In the profane, the ability to perceive the morphological and ethological features within Diptera is reduced and this increases the contexts in which the word “fly” is used in a wide and inappropriate sense. In these cases the term is synonymous with “Diptera muscoide” and refers to any Diptera that by immediate perception is not a mosquito or a gnat, or which, however, has no particular morphological specificity. For example, the perception of a marked difference of the size, involves the use of a different term to indicate a bluebottle diptera.

The perception of marked differences in pigmentation involves different approaches. For example, the aposematism and ethology featuring Hoverflies, hardly leads them to be associated with fly itself.

On the contrary, in the case of Lucilia (Diptera: Calliphoridae) the perception of the morphology prevails on the chromatic despite the characteristic metallic colors make them easily recognizable; these insects are in fact associated with flies and just an adjective specifying color is added.

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